Saturday, June 25, 2016

Symptoms Of The Onset Of Diabetes

Seventeen million people residing in the United States of America are known to be afflicted with diabetes. But nearly six million people among these are completely unaware of the status of their health since they have not visited a doctor and had their condition diagnosed. But the main reason behind this is that they are completely unaware of the symptoms which signal the onset of diabetes and what are the warning signs which they should look out for before they make a visit to the doctor.

A lot of people are completely thunderstruck when their doctor informs them that they have been afflicted with a condition which is known as diabetes. The symptoms which exhibit themselves during the early stages of diabetes will not be noticed easily and most people would simply consider them as minor health issues which can also be dealt with at a later stage. Some people even have the tendency of ignoring these simple warning signs. A lot of people visit the doctor thinking that they are suffering from some other kind of health problem. In reality, the condition which they have been afflicted with is known as diabetes. A lot of people think that the symptoms of diabetes are actually a sign of some other impending health problem.

When the symptoms of diabetes have been understood and diagnosed at a very early stage, then it becomes much easier for the doctor as well as the patient to manage the health condition of the person afflicted. This can also help in averting many other health complications which are likely to result due to the mismanagement of health as well as carelessness of the patient. Diabetes is considered as the sixth biggest cause of death of people living all over the United States. Some of the earliest warning signs of diabetes have been catalogued by the American Diabetes association. They are:

Excessive urine output – Extremely high blood sugar levels in the person are likely to cause a very high output of urine in the person. This will also increase the amount of blood which will flow through the kidneys.

Excessive thirst – When a large amount of urine is being discharged from the body, it could lead to possible dehydration. This could make the person feel very thirsty and he will also drink large amounts of water

Excessive hunger – The main reason for the occurrence of diabetes is the lack of insulin inside the body or the inability of the insulin to convert the food which is being consumed into the energy which can be used by the body at a later stage. This will result in a severe deficiency in energy and this could also make the person feel very hungry at times.

Severe weight loss – The proteins and fats which are present inside the body will be used in order to produce the right amount of energy which is needed by the body. Due to this, the person who is diabetic will also lose a lot of weight despite the fact that he eats a large amount of food.

A person who is diabetic can be very depressed and temperamental and he is also likely to feel tired quite often apart from experiencing some kind of deficiency in his vision.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Right Kind Of Fruits For Diabetics

A lot of questions are still present in the minds of people with regard to whether fruits are beneficial or harmful for diabetics. The main reason for this doubt is the presence of sugar in many fruits. A lot of people feel that diabetics should completely avoid food items which are sweet and which contain any small amount of sugar. When the energy levels of the person reduce drastically, he will need to eat some fruits which are sweet in order to restore the energy levels inside the body. All fruits contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber and also a large amount of phyto-chemicals which will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels inside the body.

There are certain fruits which need to be avoided by diabetics at all costs while there are certain fruits which should be made a compulsory part of their everyday diet. Nuts will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in a stable manner at all times. When the blood sugar levels in the body increase abnormally then they can also affect some of the other parts of the body like the heart, eyes and kidneys. The fiber which can be found in nuts will ensure that the amount of fats absorbed by the body will not increase.

The fruits which can be definitely consumed by diabetics are guavas, red grapes, prunes, pomegranates and rose apples. The nuts and fruits which can be taken by diabetics can be consumed in small quantities at regular intervals. Fruits which contain large amounts of fiber should be consumed in wholesome quantities. People who would like to consume the fruits in the form of juices should grind them properly along with the skin and nuts and they should not add any kind of sugar to the juice. Fruits should not be consumed in isolation and they should be consumed along with vegetables which contain large amounts of fiber.

Apple – The apple contains large amounts of Vitamin B1 which will help in providing protection to the cells inside the brain. The pectin which is present in an apple will help in detoxifying the body completely and removing all the waste particles which are present inside the body.

Red Grape – The red grape is a citrus fruit which has proved to be most effective in reducing the levels of blood sugar inside the body. It is necessary for all diabetics to consume the grape fruit at least two to three times in a day for a period of two to three months in order to notice any kind of reduction in their blood sugar levels.

Guava and pomegranate – These two fruits contain the right amount of glucose which is required by the body. This also contains a large amount of fiber which can be incorporated into the diet of every diabetic.

Sweet bananas, black grapes, custard apples, dates, pineapples and mangoes are some of the fruits which should be strictly avoided by all diabetics. When fruits are being consumed in the form of juices, the addition of sugar will have to be avoided.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Normal Blood Sugar Levels- ARE they Possible for a Diabetic

What are normal blood sugar levels to maintain? The sugar level ranging between 70 milligrams per deciliter and 100 mgms/dl in fasting for 8 hours is diagnosed as normal fasting blood sugar. If the level ranges from 100 to 199, it is identified as a condition of prediabetes. The condition of the diabetic is a little pathetic if the level is 200 and exceeding. This higher level is an indication of the patient is confirmed to be a diabetic of type 1 or type 2. Under such condition it is not wise to ignore to take treatment. By proper treatment the normal levels can be maintained.

There are several ways to keep healthy blood sugar levels. You have the synthetic medication as well as natural cure. The former includes the after side effects while the natural cure is not so. Anyone would not like facing with side effects in taking medication for one thing. As such, it is best suggested that you choose to start natural cure remedies. You have the liberty to try the following with care and confidence.

1. The first thing you have to start with is your normal blood sugar levels monitoring frequently. The readings help you to know your A1C. You can have the correct idea of the insulin secretion by pancreas. This is the most important step in one’s diabetes management.

2. The next thing is your attention to the type of insulin working in your blood. The doctor will check and decide the type by administering just 2 units of Humalin insulin about 40 minutes before a meal to take.

3. Now, you are ready to start your medication by your doctor or natural cure which is your choice. Anyhow you may have low dosage of medicine prescribed by your doctor to be safe from bad adverse side effects. After lowering the sugar level considerably, you can start your natural medication.

4. The natural cure lies in the principle of ‘take divided and measured meal’. Intake of food to full stomach in one sitting is not suggestive. Have the amount of food divided for four or five a day, no harm to the total calories aimed for one day.

5. Now you have to concentrate on the food items to take. The best food suggested for you as diabetic of any type is with less fat as well as carbohydrate content. You can have wisely a pre-calculated amount of carbohydrates and fats in your intakes so that you have normal blood sugar after eating. Beware to take only those foods to take and others to exclude.

The level of blood sugar predicts the severity of your diabetic condition and the related complications of both types of diabetes. You can keep normal blood sugar levels to ensure a healthy life span minimizing or completely eliminating your diabetic problems.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to Control Diabetes - What Are the Recommended Tips to Control Diabetes

Do you know how to control diabetes? For diabetics, the best thing to focus on would be control of blood glucose levels and how to make the most of the condition. This means, you don't have to lead a secluded and unhappy life simply because of a metabolic condition that requires you to cut down on the foods that you love to eat. It's just a condition. You can beat it, definitely, with the right kinds of approaches.

Diabetes control for life seems used to be impossible, when ways to accomplish the task have not been fully developed back then. Is there any way at all to control diabetes today? There is. One common and sanctioned avenue is by going to a licensed doctor and getting your maintenance medication for your diabetes. If you have heart disease as well, you will also be given specific medications that would boost the heart, protect it from the diabetes and at the same time control the diabetes.

There is definitely a link between blood sugar and exercise. Did you know that the first line of defense of any diabetic is more physical activity? This truth is rooted in the fact that there is no better way to eliminate excess sugar and fat in the body than by doing exercises.

Exercises don't have to be that difficult or that complicated. If you despise aerobics, then walking would be the best exercise for you. Take to mind that the walking should be considerable and should be done on a very daily basis. Try walking an hour a day and you will get good results.

A healthy eating diet plan is also instrumental in maintaining your overall health as a person afflicted with diabetes. Essentially, your life would be hinged in the way you exercise, in how you control stress and how you eat. Diet is a central category that is of utmost importance. Pay attention to your intake of unnecessary sugars and unnecessarily high amounts of carbohydrates to make yourself that much safer from the more severe effects of diabetes.

Remember that a low carb diet is always recommended for people with diabetes because a this will surely bring down the blood sugar level. You see carbohydrates converts to sugar before the body stores it or before the body uses it as fuel for physical activities. There is nothing unnatural with the way the body produces or transforms substrates to glucose. It just so happens that the problem is with the regulation of this natural substance. Anything in the body that goes unchecked will make the organ systems go awry.

We can no longer live as if we do not care about what happens to us, especially if we have diabetes. Diabetes is serious, and it has serious, deadly consequences if you leave it untreated for prolonged periods of time. Take note of the good tips you can use to control diabetes, so you can be healthier and more worry-free.

Natural Cures For Diabetes - How to Cure Diabetes Naturally

A good diet is the key to good health. While in some cases diabetes is caused due to genetic factors or other triggers, more often than not it is diets rich in sugar that lead to blood sugar problems later in life. Every diet has the scope to be tweaked a little bit so that you can ward off the danger of diabetes. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, low HDL, and eat a lot of processed foods, you fall in the high-risk category.

Everyone ought to slowly wean themselves off highly processed junk food and shift to leaner, more natural alternatives. You can also use the three natural cures for diabetes tips which are listed below:

Diabetes and magnesium

In a study done in England on 11,000 women in the high-risk category, it was shown that those with a high magnesium intake were 27 per cent less susceptible to diabetes. According to research, magnesium is known to lower blood pressure, relax the heart muscles, and controls homocysteine, which is a known trigger for heart disease and diabetes. Magnesium also catalyzes the enzyme system in the body to convert nutrients into energy. Magnesium also relaxes the muscles and reduces muscle spasms.

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados and whole grain are excellent sources of magnesium.

Diabetes and Cinnamon

Research has shown that using cinnamon in your diet on a regular basis helps reduce blood glucose levels by 18-29%. In addition, it also reduces other diabetes risk factors like triglyceride (which shows a 30% decline) and LDL cholesterol (a 25% decrease).

Cinnamon contains an extract called Cinnulin PF. This extract works at the cellular level and increases the sensitivity of insulin cell receptors by three times. Poor response of insulin cell receptors is often a major problem in diabetics, which makes cinnamon an important diabetes inhibitor. TI is advisable to consume about 500mg of cinnamon extract, twice a day.

Glucotor 2-a Diabetics' Formulation

Glucotor 2 is a completely natural formula prepared with the specific needs of diabetics in mind. It contains prickly pear cactus, fenugreek, cinnulin PF, bitter melon and gymnema sylvestre, all of which are very beneficial in diabetes control. Glucotor 2 which follows its very successful predecessor Glucotol 1, has been rendered even more powerful by the addition of cinnulin PF cinnamon extracts. Glucotol 1 has a very illustrious history in battling high blood sugar, with a number of true life testimonies to its credit. Glucotor 2 only improves on it, as it adds Cinnulin PF and magnesium, both of which are effective in controlling diabetes. Both these components have been proved efficacious not just for blood sugar control, but also in preventing heart disease.

So, while you may have actually tweaked your eating habits to avoid fatty, high processed foods, you should surely also add a daily dose of Glucotor 2 to your diet plan to ensure even better protection against diabetes and cardiovascular problems. And ou need not fear any harmful side effects from Glucotor 2-it is a tried and tested natural remedy that is uses no artificial chemicals in its preparation.

Diabetes Treatment

Nowadays, taking too much care to treat diabetes has itself become a common disease among people. It is caused due to mismanagement of carbohydrate metabolism inside the body. Diabetes is identified with the excessive production of urine, hunger, thirst and excessive weight loss, blurred vision, delayed healing of skin, repeated infections and excessive fatigue. Diabetes is a serious issue of human health. It denotes too much sugar in the blood and urine.

Therefore, when it comes to treatment of diabetes the main concern must be the ability to control blood sugar which is the main cause of diabetes. Managing blood sugar is the first step in this program for the treatment of diabetes. To remove the complications of diabetes one must take it seriously and take a good diet process or healthy exercise. Apart from this, some persons take insulin and others medicines to be cured to some extent. Frequent testing of blood sugar can indicate how much you have improved your part to manage controlled measure of blood sugar. It is very important to learn the range of blood glucose unless and until you cannot have the idea of the complications they face on the disease. It depends mainly on the age, such as young age to assume and there is much complication to maintain a controlled range of glucose is 80-120 mg / dL and in older age is 100-140 mg / dL.

The diabetes program includes some self-treatments like having a good and proper diet, exercise, maintaining healthy weight and medication. When it comes to a good diet having more fruits, vegetables as well as grains and it means you should be aware in making foods with high nutrition and low fat and calories. Avoid taking sweets and animal products without limit. The main part of this program for the treatment of diabetes is that you must be very careful in this task otherwise this program will be difficult enough. Consult any dietitian about meal plan and try to maintain the fixed time every day with the same amount according to their diet plan.

Regarding good exercise one must be cautious about all aerobic exercises. In this program of diabetes, treatment that you can make your choice among the daily exercises are like doing morning or evening walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and other exercises of the heart and lungs. Remember to bring coherence to the process of exercise is very important to get the best result through it.

Try to keep your weight depending on your activity level and age because being over weight is a dangerous factor that will help making your cells more resistant to insulin. Make proper weight loss plan and agree that its outcome may make it more effective.
Sometimes the medication has an important role if it is found that good diet and exercise are not with satisfying end. This type of diabetes program includes the insertion of insulin-like sense of duty. As it cannot be taken in pills form, some people inject with a syringe or have insulin with some pump.

So now it is very clear that diabetes is manageable if the patient always gives serious attention to it daily. Although diabetes is in favor of life long suffering, it never means the end of his life. You just have to remember that the disease is within their control if and only if you are self-disciplined for each and every stage of the treatment program.